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About me

I am an ACC ICF career and life coach based in Switzerland since 2019.  

After a career working in corporate in HR and operational functions in multiple countries, I realized that my mission is to help women who live abroad find their way in their lives and careers.

I have lived in 6 countries, speak 5 languages and have 2 kids


I experienced all the delights of being an immigrant: from spiritual loneliness, difficulties in finding work, setting childcare, changing school system, looking for information or making new friends.   


This is how I found my vocation to help those who are going through the same difficult path.

As a coach, I help solve career questions and develop skills to manage oneself and others.

What kind of requests do they come to me with?
Job/ Career:

• I go to work like to hard labor
• I want to increase my income
• I see a glass ceiling in the career 
• I can't choose the vector of development in the company
• I can't get a promotion


• I don't know what I want to do in life

• I'm afraid to take the first step 

• I don't know where to start my business

• The business has stopped developing

• I'm afraid to be left without money

• I can't overcome impostor syndrome


• There is no balance between work and family.

• Family does not support

• I want to improve my relationship with my partner/child/parents

Personal qualities:

• There are not enough competencies for a successful career and high income

• Lack of self-confidence

• I don't feel the inner core

• I can't overcome laziness

• I quit what I started halfway


• I want to get rid of negative attitudes

• I want to decide among several options

• I want to analyze all areas of life

• I want to develop a life strategy and a step-by-step action plan

36, entrepreneur

I came to coaching to sort out my thoughts, plans and understand where to go next.

I was at a point where I wanted to quit everything. 

Now, after six months, my project is working and I have the opportunity to do what I love.

I am enjoying what I "dreamed" of when I came for coaching. My request got its solution.

Not once have I regretted investing in myself and my project. The profit from the work was much more than I had spent.

42, Human Resources Manager

The most valuable things are the right questions, your positive calmness, openness and of course your similar values and experiences  in immigration and career. I now have a plan and a clear understanding of how to implement it. 

47, art worker

Elena, I am so happy that I went to your coaching and realized what I REALLY WANT, my life has changed a lot. I feel calm and strong now. I know what to do, how to achieve my dreams without sacrificing my family-life. 

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